About Us

About Us

Her Fitness is more than just an “all women’s gym”. We’re an all-encompassing centre comprised of a full-service salon spa and gym for women, by women. The Gym ‘HerFitness itself’ – we are a women’s only gym designed by women with the aim of providing a non intimidating atmosphere where women can feel confident and workout at ease. At HerFitness we provide classes and exercises that women can engage in. When women are looking for a gym they look for ones that can teach them to either stay fit, lose weight, or tone whilst using a variety of exercises, HerFitness is that gym that ensures to provide a variety in order to motivate and help you achieve your goals with the help of our highly skilled trainers. Our dynamic range of facilities and classes include;

☞ Fully equipped gym with strength, resistance and cardio machines
☞ Personal trainer with range of packages to suit your needs
☞ Showers, Steam Room, Lockers & Change Room
☞ Stretching Area & Free Weights
☞ Sauna

Our facilities are designed with a woman’s comfort, convenience and ambitions in mind. From the female friendly equipment on the gym floor to our spa amenities, to our instructors who specialize in women’s fitness – our gym provides a necessary respite from all that you do.

Her Fitness is a gym for women – like you – who spend most of their lives putting others first. We do it as mothers, friends, wives, and business leaders. But here, you can focus on yourself and join a genuine and vital community of women, committed to inspiring and empowering each other in all aspects of your health and wellness pursuits.

Whether you want to bliss out in the spa, align your spine in a yoga class, work with a Personal Trainer, or dance it out with the girls on a Friday evening in Zumba, there’s something in our gym for everyone.


Our range of classes: Insanity, Aero-Steps, Bums and Tums, Taebo, Aerobics, Zumba..+more.

As women we are responding to the demand in the community with a women’s only fitness center. According to our observations and research some women feel intimidated, deterred when working out in a male dominated space such as a typical gym. There are also those who are deterred due to religious reasons. Thus why HerFitness, to ensure that women have a place where they can work out with a peace of mind without having to be embarrassed intimidated nor uncomfortable.

Her Spa and Salon… – its all about feeling beautiful in and out… after that workout treat yourself to a variety of pampering packages that are available be it a pedicure, wax or massage.

Creche Facilities: For parents who have children at an age of 5 or under and feel deterred from joining the gym due to having a toddler, Her Fitness has you covered as we provide creche services within the compound. MOMMYS you can work out at ease knowing your child is looked after as well as having a good time and is a sneak peak away from you! (not included in the package, a small fee but totally worth it)

HerCafe: A little outside cafe where you can enjoy the breeze and catch your breath whilst enjoying a snack and sipping on one of our refreshing drinks.. ALL HEALTHY!!!changing-room-ii

HerSportsWear: We have our own sports shop available in the compound where you can purchase all your necessary gym gear from gym outfits to bags shirts and many more.

Prayer Room:For all our Muslim ladies, we also have a prayer room available for your use.
*Group Training Membership includes full use of all gym facilities and services.


Our Team


"Its one beautiful experience as a woman I got to know more about women."


"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing women walk through these doors and through hard work and determination, see them attain their goals."

Arafa Mumba

"It's not only about exercises but more of a family motivation through the journey of reaching our different goals. "


"I feel comfortable and free to work with Herfitness. And most of it is being only woman gym "Power of a WOMAN"."


"I wanna be forever young. I want to motivate ladies to be fit and healthy. I want to achieve my career and become role model."


"Working at Herfitness has made me explore my hidden talents that I never knew I had. My boss and colleagues have always made work seem so much fun. "


Kiju “My aim is to see Her Fitness gym reach out to all women in and out of Dar es salaam. Fitness is not only for men but women as well; I would like to see more women involved in the fitness world."

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